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Choose one: What was the second sign Jesus did when He had come out of Judea into, In chapter five, John records that there was a pool by the Sheep Gate, which is called in Hebrew, "Bethesda, having five porches, where a great multitude of sick people were waiting -, What does John say stirred the water at the pool by the Sheep Gate, which is called in Hebrew, "Bethesda, having five porches?". Chapter 21. To whom did Jesus say: "You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given, Fill in the blank: "When Pilate therefore heard that saying, he brought Jesus out and sat down. John records that Jesus fed this great. Whom did Philip find to whom he said "We have found Him of whom Moses in the law, and also the prophets, wrote - Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph. google_color_text = "0000ff"; What are the eight miraculous signs recorded by John? In chapter 5, Jesus says that the Father (God) has given the Son of God, authority to execute, Fill in the blank: Jesus says, Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice and come forth - those who have done good, to the resurrection of __________, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of condemnation. In the NIV , 2 John has the fewest number of verses (13) and words (277). // --> Note 1: I am always excited to see what God has done with people that I have prayed for in the past, folks I've worked with, folks I've run into in seeming coincidence, etc. Chapter 12. For the, When the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask John who he was ("Who are, Who said he was, as the prophet Isaiah said. Chapter 23. In chapter 14, What does Jesus say to do if we love Him? Fill in the blank: In chapter 1 John writes: "All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. QUIZ-TIME QUESTIONS JOHN (21 Chapters) SUGGESTED SCHEDULE: 3 chapters a month for 7 months: 1. Multiple Choice Quiz (See related pages) 1 Which of the New Testament Gospels are known as the Synoptic Gospels? Jesus tells the people who came to Capernaum seeking him after the feeding of the multitude, In chapter six, the people ask Jesus, "What shall we do, that we may work the works of God? Your Performance 1. The answers are found in the back of the eBook.Take the challenge and see how well you do. The HOALTC Bible Quiz is a five-round team event that primarily measures resourcefulness and familiarity with the text. During the feeding of the multitude, as recorded in Chapter six, how many baskets of fragments were collected from the few fish and loaves of bread used to feed the multitude? Multiple Choice Quiz. From what kind of tree were the branches that the people were carrying? b. 6 (John 2:6) 19. Jesus performed his first public sign (miracle) at a wedding Feast. 35–40 C.E. This Bible trivia quiz has been answered 13733 times with an average score of 73.4% John records this discussion as follows: "Others said, 'This is the Christ.' In chapter 4, John records that Jesus was wearied from His journey and came and sat by Jacob's well. According to what the Jews said in St. John 2:20, how many years did it take to build the temple in Jerusalem? { Fill in the blank: Jesus says, "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's _______ for his friends. ", Multiple Choice: John records, "Therefore, when Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who. Did John record all of the signs (or miracles) that Jesus did? "Yes or No", Who said, "Come, see a Man who told me all things that I ever did. 'Has not the Scripture said that the Christ comes from the seed of David and from the town of _________, where David was? John 16-18 7. Jesus says, the Helper will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. Take a Bible quiz and test your knowledge about Book Of John #1. When Jesus found the man he had healed at the pool in the temple, Jesus said to him, "See you have been made well." Did any of the disciples of John the Baptist follow Jesus? Which of the disciples had the money bag? The good news is, that if you keep taking the quizzes over and In chapter 7, John mentions that the Jews' Feast was at hand and that in the middle of that Feast Jesus went up into the Temple, where Jesus said, "My doctrine is not Mine, but His who sent Me." Fill in the blank: In chapter 8, After all of the accusers of the adulterous women left, Jesus said to her, "Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Read John 4:1-42. What did Jesus tell him this man to no longer do? This is quiz #76 out of 145 Bible Quizzes. The woman of Samaria was very different from Nicodemus. What did they do instead of breaking Jesus' legs? 26 Gospel Of John Quizzes Online, Trivia, Questions ... A comprehensive database of more than 26 gospel of john quizzes online, test your knowledge with gospel of john quiz questions. Jesus said to them, 'Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, ___________. Chapter 20. The Pharisees Peter Nicodemus Zaccheus. Please let me know if I made any mistakes. According to the opening of the Gospel of John, what was in the beginning that was with God and was God? Chapter 22. John 4-6 3. The answer to every question is either Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. Chapter 14. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Could this be the Christ?". The Jews answered Him saying, "For good work we do not stone You, but for blasphemy, and because You being a Man make yourself _______.". if (ads == "no") Try this amazing John 11-12, NKJV Bible Quiz Exam! Who prophesized that Jesus would die for the whole Jewish Nation? The class book is suitable for teens and up. ", Fill in the blank: In chapter one John writes: "And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not _________ it.". Fill in the blank: "Since the world began it has been unheard of that anyone opened the eyes of. Of Whom does John Baptist say, "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the, Fill in the blank: "And John bore witness, saying, 'I saw the ______ descending from heaven like a dove, and He remained upon Him.". In chapter 11, who prophesized that Jesus would die for the whole Jewish Nation? Cana of Galilee (John 2) 18. Who wrote the gospel of John? Th e Gospel of John The bible verses are taken from the American Standard Bible. Who does John the Baptist say baptizes with the Spirit? Walk while you, To whom are the following words attributed: "He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, Lest they should see with their eyes, Lest they should understand with their hearts and, What next: John records: "And supper being ended, the devil having already put it into the. After Jesus was arrested and brought into the courtyard of the High Priest, which of the. In Chapter 8, When John says that the Scribes and Pharisees left one by one leaving the adulterous woman alone with Jesus, He says that they left after hearing Jesus response to whether the adulterous woman should be stoned, because they were convicted. What did Jesus say to the man at the pool by the Sheep Gate when He healed him? In chapter 6, John records that Jesus went over the Sea of Galilee - which is what sea according to John? Format of the Test: Multiple choice, short answer, unique Gospel quotations, a map of Galilee and Judea (only these regions and cities in them, nowhere else), and essays. Did the Jews and Samaritans get along well with one another at the time of Jesus?

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